I just want to be Loved OR I hate myself and I want to Die

by Voodoobasement

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Recorded in Ian D's JOI-Soundlab
All Songs & Lyrics by Voodoobasement


released August 2, 2014

Ian D. - Shrieking / High Frequencies
IVY – Drones / Mids
Mr. C4lyps0 – Low Tones / NOISE
Saturn – Beats / Scapes

Mixing / Mastering - Ian D

Thank you: Alexander Heidenreich, Sven Meyer, Thore Looke, Flo, CK, Krishna, Clarissa Peru, Rebecca Mathews, Jakob Eduard Carlos, Marin Jischke, Jonathan Howard, David Dalley, Elliot Ward, Tom Knot, Hinshun Wong, Dana Wiegmann, Jam Horngraesen, Patrick Ahlers, Anna-Lena Heidenreich, Björn Rotenhagen, Jan Stumke,



all rights reserved


Voodoobasement Germany

Advant-Disco-Goth from Oldenburg/Germany

Your favorite nightmares and sickest daydreams combined

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Track Name: Upskirt
If you want to be loved
then you better speak up
if you want to get rough
you better like the taste of blood
if you want to get your crush
then you better not fall in love
and if you want to fall in love
you break some necks
and drink some blood

girl I'm so happy that you showed up
I'd like to interest you in some new drugs

And you love it
when I say it
and you love it
so I'll say it

gorgeous and flawless
so viscious, a hot mess

Girl you know I'm always there
sipping on your tears and feeding you despair

and once you get used to it you'll see
it just get's better
your white turns to red
coz blood is sweeter than sugar
Track Name: Butterfly
You opened the window and cherryblossoms filled your high
But your pink eyed dreams are snowflakes in disguise
Wishing for so much more you've seen theese pink fairys before
Autum reigns your heart after all, your gaze is stuck on a wall

It is cold in here

These are the insides of Calus Nite
Dry orfices, scars and stains
Moonlight is as rare as a ray of sunshine
Halogenlights indicate the passing days
The endorphiones are rushing looking for realease
the limbs are shaking, twitching driving pulse of fear
endlessly breaking spine of decay holds every piece
excrements on the wall spelling out in their state of smear

"it is cold in here"

I'm peeking into your veins
hypnotizing the architet
the worries you forget
whereever marble breaks
the stairs rot and fade away
black hole in the pupil
pink swamp in the neurons
so thin and so fragile
like the wings of a butterfly
one more step to freedom
the wind in your hair is a sweet release

Found your missing parts
blink one last time
pink cloud of blood
Now, off, there you go
eyes made of glass
porcellain soul
Track Name: Natasha O'Keeffe
The first time I ever walked in the sunlight
A storm came by and blew me away
The first time I ever walked in the moonlight
time went backwars and blew me away
well, Earth has it's continents and sees
and some green trees
well, Earth has lot's of gravity
but I've got a nice personality

But I don't want to go out anymore
I'm feeling so much better than before
I'm smiling all the time can't you see?
I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm so fucking happy

The first time I ever licked a screen
I turned invisible and calledd it a day
the first time I ever saw your red hair
I wished I was special but I guess I'm okay
Well, at home there's no rules anymore
They can deliver everything straight to your door
you can spend all week in your bed
and expirience the world trough the magic of the internet

But I don't want to leave this room anymore

I'm grinning all the time can't you see
I'm banging against the walls I'm so happy

But I don't want to wake up anymore
Dreaming surpasses all that came before
I'm content and smiling can't you see?
I'm so numb I can't feel misery
Track Name: I just want to be Loved
Baby what's the save-word again?

Say my name


I can be the one you love
so instead of slitting your wrists
come and jack me off
I can be the one that you always want to want
and I can be the one that you kill once we fuck

I'm over here, I'm over there
appreciating gaze - primal stare
spiederlegs for fingers birdnest for hair
advocate of love and of despair
you're drooling over there
sitting so high up in that chair
yes, I'm listening, but I don't care
my hands are up your skirt but my eyes are everywhere

I can be the one tonight
who rocks your world but I guess that wouldn't be right
So never trust little girls who just want to fuck
and never trust monsters who just want to be loved

Humbert - say Humbert
Track Name: NICE // NICE // NICE
Wake up! Wake up Sleepyface
Come on it's nap-time!
Count these sacred golden hours
like I'm talkin about sleep
please align my stars
like the stone-stone-stone temple tower
karate-chop our hearts
and we will all fall apart

alien invaders
don't take away our saviour
why'd you take the best of us

Naked dancing skelletons
in windows that are pink
stuck inside
and uranium flame
yo what's with that arogant glance
you want me to kick your ass
I can proof we're innocent
with one single song

Spiraling out of control

and if you scream "UFO" it's what you see
you'd love to smile altough you always weep
and if you live in an observatory pink bleach is your desire
and if you fall towards earth you need to get higher

now see how pretty, now see how smart
when romance turns into pink-eyes frenzy
when the angels make out and knot ropes
when Jason Goover is our only hope
Track Name: F. R. I. E. N. D. S.


But You save us coz you love us
So now save us, so you can feel welcome
But You save us, coz you lve us
So now save us, so we can feel welcome

And whenever there's generosity
it's not going to you
you are just the proxy for my selfish soul
and thanks to that simple fact
I'll never really know if what you're saying is the truth
or just a cruel joke



I think we would be great together
wouldn't we?
Track Name: Beg (with a Smile)
I found your picture in the litter
Your lips look sweet but they taste so bitter
I found red stains out side your window
Can't hear me screaming trough a pillow

Pray for it
Beg for it
and say "Thank you"

Oh how I learned to despise you
even though no word I ever said was true
I fed you lies until you went sour
You never wanted to share all the power

Say my name, Say my name
Make me believe it's worth it again
Say my name, say my name
and if you do so don't feel shame

Make me believe
speak up, please, speak up

give me arrogance
give me obdience
give me all you've got
and a kiss

just say something nice for once
is it too much to ask
why are you so busy tearing us apart

sacrifice your flesh and your soul
let the venom flow in baby
eat from the altar until you're full
virginblood is such good gravy
the iris recieves glistening light
make this last night count my lady
release the words with your mouth opened wide
I will call you later maybe
Track Name: Cherryblossoms
And now you shall go to sleep
It is your last betime-story
the skies are blue and glistening white
the sun is shining oh-so bright
the moon over kawaguchi resides in springs atire
and from the depths of the deep blue sea
came the black-black-black fire

She should have known all stories must have an end
so she clses her eyes and folds her hands
sending a prayer out into the deepest part of space
opened her eyes and felt so amazed
a storm of cherryblossoms came crashing down
and took her soul away, monster of sound

Noah is dead
Guidion is dad
Alastor dead
Liath dead
Ian dead
Richard dead
Calus dead
Maribel is dead

nobody knows where Jason went
but according to the observatory
it's unlikely he'll ever come back to meet with his friends

You couldn't save them
but wish you could've done so none the less
it's not your fault - you are just beautiful and innocent

and as all the noise fades, like all flesh will one day
we want you to remember: We're invisible but never far away
Track Name: Wendy's Cabinet of Goo
You gave me something that I wanted
then you took it back
You fixed something broken
with a heart attack

Now don't run away
I know you know what I know
oh, you've got to know
I know
I know you know

Jelly poison is running wild in my veins
fingers made of toxic waste holding the medicine

I'm not that smart when it comes to addictions
but I do like your style

I've made up my mind
I've made my hair
All messed up but I'm still there
I've ripped up and grew a pair
All messed up overcoming despair
I've let go
Nothing's fair
All messed up but I don't care
I've won this bet, oh yes dare
All messed up to breath fresh air
Track Name: MDMABER
There's this roaring in the night
it's Jon's laugh shaking up the skies
He's the kind of guy you have to love
Him and Tom taking a piss
at Hin and Mike while playing risk
it's going like this all the time

The ocean is here right in front of us
It's been so long since I've seen it
The ocean is here right in front of us
andd I would jump in

Beccy's being pretty calm
bright skies the streets are the storm
T is having her back and that's for sure
looking down from Consti Hill
will Dave and Maddy is pretty chilled
I don't want to go home anymore

39 North Parade is the best House


Pixie Forest, Idiot-Maze
Dominos and fags for days
some gravy and some little extra
sitting in a train back and I wheep
I bet Elliot is already asleep
I wish I could stay forever
Track Name: Kill Yourself
McSweeny was right / His prophecy is bloomin
Coz your revolution, well, it's never coming
Euringer was right, withdrawing his bets
from Marc David Chapman Knocking off some heads

self entitled listener you're having so much fun
but I would like you better if there was a gun
pointing at your forehead, give that zylinder a spin
you're eating out your oppressors so you can wear their skin

You work much harder when you're unemployed

and the message is so important
but the issue is not so urgent
so young and angry and so "artistic"
and all our sales shall go balistic

I swear that other night, I was so fucking high
I had to make excuses just to kiss the sky
I'm wasted all the time and I'm always fuckin' high
I'll just munch on some cheetos and jerk off all night

self entitled listener you're having so much fun
but I would like you better if there was a gun
who are we kidding you're not listening am I right?
Then please like favorite, comment share and subscribe

Hey let's all sing "Save the World"
While our saviors silently hurl

revolting listener now here is your chance
to make a small but important difference
if you want to bring justice and be of any help
then go ahead kill your parents and than kill yourself

You wrote cooler songs when you were unemployed
Track Name: Pink
This could be the last time you'll ever get to see your home
The vases are shattered, the roses inside are gone
Fall in love with my deep-blue eyes
This could be the first time that you're calling this place home

How do you want me to tell you that our romance has come back to haunt us?
Give me your sage advice like back when we burned every single night
This skin of mine is a map which leads to your enamoured gaze
The scarss on your sould can be healed
Show me where X marks the place

Our love was interrupted, put on hold
first we have to mature
without growing old

I know you're scared
there's not much I could do to help you

reach out and hold my hand
I need you, because I'm scared too
romances collapse every night
but this fortress we built might survive
prophecies interpreted in our very own way
we can build forever if we start today

Never encountered such a voice before
Never inhaled such fumes before
I was given senses on the day I was born
But I've never met someone like you before

You poured a can of bleach over your head
you choked on the vapors and threw up into the sea
lift the veil off of your face
this is our flag, our chemical anniversary

Never felt such awe before
Never felt so starstruck before
I thought I've seen and felt it all
But now I love you even more than before

it's pink
everything is turning pink