by Voodoobasement

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We had a bunch of songs that we wanted to get rid off.
So here they are, in the form of Demos


released December 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Voodoobasement Germany

Advant-Disco-Goth from Oldenburg/Germany

Your favorite nightmares and sickest daydreams combined

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Track Name: Wanky
All the years that have been wasted
all the love that could have lasted
Oh dear, I've been so lazy
But it felt so amazing
Track Name: Icecream & Pancakes
Yo! Turn the Noise down! Got something to say!
Got a present that will light up your day
Something that is smooth
Something to make you move
Something to get you into the groove
Something to make you loose
Your stasis and your mind
So let's go, hey! Alright!

I used to be young, so very young
I ate cupcakes in switzerland
I dreamt of airports
So very, very young

Found myself in china in a japnese restaurant
Orphan of the clouds, eighteen year old superstar
scared my peak was already gone

I wanted more
Enough to share
always wanted more
than seeing her naked

She was lieing there like a cold feather
I urged her to stare up at me
I dreamt of her eyes
her sweet sweet eyes
My reflection in her eyes
cliches of oceans in her eyes
My reflection in her eyes

She was beautiful
So delicately beautiful
And now she's gone

Seeing her naked was a delight
such a pretty pretty sight
now she's gone
never to return again
I slept at airports
I dreamt of women
I am tired
I am hungry
The greatest love of all is me
Everything melted

I'm going to treat myself with Icecream and pancakes
Track Name: No Fun City
Obliterate me from phantoms
creeping under my fingernails
they whisper into my ear
carved into my skull

"Oh god! You're shining so bright!"

Towering barriers around our sandcastles of isolation
In distance we shall find our emancipation
from ourselves

Absorb me into your spheres
where you're so alone
that construct is designed is to fail
it won't support our weight

"casting a shadow on me so deep, I am drowing"

And it doesn't matter how many times we fuck
in the end it will always be the same
You'll act like you need a cigarette and I'll be on the balcony, smoking
And you will take that chance, the same way I would
and I never realized that until now
You can hurl on my grave for all I care
I'll just dance on the ruins of what we used to be
I'll just dance on the ruins of Abu Dhabi and sing:

"We'll never get maried
and it's a shame"
Track Name: Escape from No Fun City
All aboard the moving train
maps are just sheets and stains
they say home is the place to be
as it sucks you in with it's gravity
But I am not running away

Inflated god of savety
broken mind or wounded knee
it's all the same is what they'll say
egocentric loser of the past
skelletons beneath fresh green gras
it's all your fault is what they'll have to add

But I'm not running away
No, I am leaving
Track Name: Let Glob be my Garbageman
How did I get in?
and how do I get out?
Is there a point in reasoning with something that won't answer my calls?
A lit cigarette, a summer breeze
cup-noodles, grilled meat
Underwater-smoke, burning trees
An empty fridge, a split sea

Wisdom's only for the old
at least that's what I've been told
I disagree
Yo, pass some of that shit to me

I never learned what I need
Initiative is a broken beak
a thought so bitter-sweet
my lowest low surpasses your peak
A yawning cat, a forehead eye
a sinking arc, a spinning die
a sushi-plate, a cherry pie
a red river, a tired smile

Take the flowers if you can
stained glass provided suntan
Time wasted, oh man
now guess who'll be the garbageman?
Track Name: LaDiDaDi
Hey little birdie, say, how do I know you?
Nothing you ever do could fel as good
as good as my nice ass, as good as my bare chest
all the things you could have

LADIDADI tear us apart
beloved observer where is your heart?
LADIDADI ain't it a shame?
Don't even get to play my favorite game

So I snort up your ego while I put on a show
you served me until here, so ready to go
but what's with that shrimp-dick?
short like a tooth-pick, thin like a chop stick?

I'm in your wet dreams, on the cover of vogue
you see me on TV and the radio
I was a white DJ in Detroit
I was a black MC in Tokyo

I am the horror resting your lovers eye
I am the horror that keeps you up at night
Track Name: Jizzdrooler
Sacred patience is golden but all this stasis is molding
me into a state of constant vibration, numd the cause of frustration

Larkin, Lisa, Scarlett
You never cause me heartache
Puma. Neesa, Laila
You'll only take me so far

I won't do it again
I'm glad we never met

Always pretentious, yet holy, craving sweet endorphine
passion conquering the brain: only hatred remains

Veruca, Leila, Stoya
Mesmerizing miasma
Jeese, Gauge and Siri
Say it one more time, just for me

Zoey, Trixie, Veruca
ease your grip on my heart
Gianna, Cherrycrush and Bailey
I loved your forms, loved them dearly
lift the curse I placed on myself
drowing in you, crying for help

I can't believe I just did it again
Track Name: Alastor's Theme
I caught a bird in the sink
slit it's throat and watched it die
It's frozen eyes have seen far more than mine
it's rather nice that there are still things that make me happy
just stay aside andd keep your light away from me

And if you try to run away
I will catch up
And if you manage to survive
I will catch up
and if you're telling anyone
I will catch up
And if you dare to put up a fight
I will catch up

I took the bird out of the sink
licked it's throat and ate it's eyes
everyone knows but they rather live in denial

it's really nice that everybody want's to see me happy
just stay aside and keep your lights away from me
Track Name: Soldat Anton Krantz
And so she was soiled, her purity washed away
the daydreams are screaming as I stuf them into my mouth

I remember the circle
the river
the valley of corpses
the sky raining blood
I remember her smile
I remember her face
A great general
A road that eventually leads home

God tried to stop me
I pressed his face into the snow
God failed as I took him down
I pressed his fac into the snow
God couldn't stop me
I pressed his face into the snow

It all went silent
and just like the river
the snow turned red
Track Name: Soar Onward
Rip those tentacles out of your veins
it is time you realize there are no vermins left inside
No more spon and knive dancing in black light

Wash the salt out of your wrists
You no longer fantasize about a place that is too bright
no electric fence, no consequence, so lower your defense

And when I wake up at night
the shadows can't cause any fright
Inside your chest, there's a beating heart
I accept you'll fall apart

Now soar onward
Track Name: We all <3 Kristina
So get well soon, she said
everything is going to be allright
she's our most precious pearl
like a ray of light, on a cold winter's night

So get well soon, everything's going to be fine
it's all going to be great
it's going to be allright
and as we're stuck with our feet covered in cake
the nightmares. the nights, they invite us once again

We will never die
we will live forever
until everything get's better

We would be lost without you
but this you already know

Your hugs are supreme

Please save us from new horizons