Alternate Skies

by Voodoobasement

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released September 7, 2013

Voodoobasement are:

Ian D - Keyboards, Synthesizer, Vocals
Sven Meyer - Drums
Alexander Heidenreich - Bass, Guitar

all Songs and Lyrics by Voodoobasement

Recorded and mixed by JHS Weserklang



all rights reserved


Voodoobasement Germany

Advant-Disco-Goth from Oldenburg/Germany

Your favorite nightmares and sickest daydreams combined

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Track Name: Terrible People
Talking so much, scared that you'll be gone before it's over
Fucking so fast, scared that you'll be gone and find no lover
Dancing so much, scared you'll be gone without any attention
Killing yourself, scared that you'll be gone and no competition

for those who are always survicing
those bastards, they are like sky-diving cunts
who got nothing better to do then being terrible people

like me and you

Hey let's crash this party, drown our minds in badardi
Relinquish your mind, come along get high
ignore that your friends hate us
come on, let us feel famous

Making sense is not our interest
we love the action we hate stress
friend you can not talk to us
coz - SILENCE - we are just ignorant

and ignorance is bliss

come along get high, let go of your mind
ignore that your friends hate us
the only one that we'll kill
are those terrible people
Track Name: Between the Towers
Poisoned well
at the houses of hell
they don't feel real
they feel so...
oh, so light
like the juice they're squeezing out of us boys

black lips so dark
and if we sneeze we might explode
you see me, I see you, so what the hell
I can not swim

I might sink fast for your sirencall
I can not swim, I'm paralyzed
Breathing sure hurts, in these silent halls
I can not live, I'm paralyzed

your face looks pretty like a cake
as you're drowning in a lake

I'm falling alone

For we shall not love anything
for we shall tear apart those wings
for you're a ghost
some little host
andd I did not chose to stay forever
and ever

open your mouth now
you can breath
the air can enter
the air can leave
Track Name: Song of the Fish
Like a metal gear
or a heartless machine
I feel free
because I don't have feelings
Drooling for the candy
tear the fabric apart
but you wouldn't dream of
what I was at the start

you are old
living in a trailer
at the side of the road
how dare I? not to call you master

I'm both alike
something makes me feel more
I am falling for you

Neither man nor woman
show me what I am
honey on the gums
at least human

from high to low
ain't got no heart no soul
you are loosing those little fingers
trapped within your mind
from high to low
no heart, no soul
but eventually I'm feeling

I cut it off for your fucking dreams
fingering your nightmares so you stop to scream
here I lay, I hate and I hate
you're rotting coz I was light hearted

I've got this feeling that you love me in a strange way
Track Name: Super Ivy D
Why is she here?
What does she want?
Did we summon her
with our desperate song?
the crazy hero-girl
with the shiny pink hair
maybe she has come
to fight our despair

what are her intentions?
why is she helping us?
is she an angel
or hope in the dust?

what is her name?

She saves our asses in the blink of an eye
I don't want to complain, I'm just asking "why?!"

Fires Lazers
out of her blue eyes
fingers like razors
and she looks so nice

Super Hero Girl - Save our little world
Super Hero Girl - Money can not hurt
Super Hero Girl - Buy her brandnew shirt
Super Hero Girl - save our fucking world


Hey, there's the flying hero girl
she is going to save the world
her name is Super Ivy D
she will help us all in our need
craziest heroine of them all
she will make the bad guys fall
her name shall be written in all books
and she also has some awesome looks

everytime she shows her face
someone goes missing in this place
she wont help us just for free
she thinks we're tasty

Run! There's the flying hero girl
she is going to save the world
her name is Super Ivy D
She will kill us all
for our greed
The greatest heroine of them all
she will make us bad guys fall
our names are written in her cookbook
because she likes the taste of crooks

we're crooks
Track Name: Noah's Theme
Tic! Toc! Flee!
Set me free
My Specialty

Ears are ringing
it hurts the brain
the noises are driving me insane

Oh this Noise, horror Voice
I wish I just couldn't hear that voice

I don't feel a thing I say, nor I can feel can you
I don't believe anyone, especially not you

Maybe I don't want it
Maybe I don't need it
Maybe I don't feel it

Take me away
silent demons you won't find me
into the sky
Silent legs shall not resist me
Into the light
endless fingers - they will break me
Track Name: Frozen Wheel
You ran me over coz you didn't see me
But I was seeing you
And my studies of time and dreams
will help me save you

I'm gonna make my future-degrees
get a future-job so I can increase
my future-income for my future-life
and then I'll make you my future-wife

Past, present, future
That is where I'll go
Past, present, future
I will save you for sure

I'm gonna life in a future-house
and one day I'll throw you out
you fucked the future-gardener
the future-divorcement is breaking my heart

Edisson, the dinosaurs, variabels in time, you shall be mine
but the constants won't let me get back to you

Tomorrow is yesterday
and also today
thinking about it
it's becoming clear to me

I ran over myself

and as time has told
you're the one who holds
the key to my future-life
won't you be my beloved wife?
Track Name: We tried
Everything is meant to fail
but at least we try
brandnew skies across the road
the view makes you wanna die

we pretend we're incarnates of sound
I could need an ancient healer
for I am just a dream-believer

Maybe I'm falling apart
Something wrong with my heart
Maybe I will go insane
something wrong with my brain
maybe I'll give up
something wrong with my love
Maybe I once felt more
I'm like the sea-shore

we never ask for things
but we don't know why
we pretend there'S some secret extra
flavoured like a bite
of the secret delicious, hidden
pie from the sky

the light in the sky told us why
the feelings feel like water reaching deep inside
thin like stick - sinister like a serpent
I'm the mere shadow of a skelleton

meteor crush me, car-crash shall kill me
getting torn apart by the powers of physics
I'm so hungry for one more bite
I'm begging you, just fall from the sky

I can't even tell you why I'm looking at the sky
everything is meant to fail
but at least we tried
Track Name: Open
Thrown into the river
darkness makes us shiver
there's no wall anymore
only a single door

mirrors inside my face
mirrors on the plate
closets on full of ghosts
I'm the twins host

and if I get caught
thrown into the ocean
the fire inside me
has been frozen
and all the mermaids
with their siren songs
shall not distract me
from where I belong

And if I end up under my fate's broom
there's no stars, no sun, only one lovely


and if I wait patiently
all the doors will eventually
Track Name: From Time to Time
Soft like a kiss
a howling wind thorugh the trees
born inbetween alternate skies and the sea
the wizard comes down
on his face a silly smile
his pockets filled with sun, stars and the moon
plates, forks, knives and a spoon
tell me: why's life so unpredictable and cruel
your infinity sends chills down my spines
hidden in a cold summer breeze
our ways seperate, never again our eyes shall meet
but these feelings will live on
in memories